Innovation Zone

A new addition to this year’s conference was the Innovation Zone.  In 20 minute slots, taking place during each networking break, conference partners shared information about the latest developments and innovations in digital solutions, products, tools and platforms for social services.  Click on each tab below to find out more

8 June | 2:00-2:20 PM

Social aspects have an impact on health outcomes, but the associated data is often heterogeneous, dispersed and considerable in size. IBM Watson Health demonstrated a concrete use case in identifying social aspects in health data  and shared some elements of Natural Language Processing, as well as highlighting elements used in the prototype.


8 June | 3:45-4:05 PM

How Systems of Engagement are transforming how Social Workers engage with families in the moment of need

9 June | 11:15-11-35 AM

EY and their technology partner, Xantura, discussed how data analytics and predictive modelling can identify vulnerable residents before they reach crisis point. This enables early interventions to be made to create better outcomes for individuals and families

9 June | 1:30-1:50 PM

Global proven tools for decision-making, and assisted living are needed more than ever, emphasized by the impact that Covid-19 has had on social services as a whole, our data driven solutions help minimize the impact of the pandemic on social services.

9 June | 3:10-3:30 PM

The Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (known as AVEnueS) is a virtual reality training experience which takes social workers into the metaverse to simulate real world scenarios. This experience helps train and upskill social workers by gaining valuable experience in interpreting human dynamics and behavioural signals and making informed case decisions in an entirely risk-free environment.

Accenture demonstrated their AVEnueS VR based training experience and shared a live session on the headset.

10 June | 11:35-11:55 AM

Human services organizations are investing heavily in advancing digital capabilities – many focus on implementing new technology platforms to improve the experience for their clients and to streamline current operations.

But it’s not just about adopting the latest technology – it’s about becoming more digital in the way people work and interact day to day. This requires building digital behaviors and developing digital leadership skills across their entire organization. Deloitte is helping clients by assessing their Digital DNA to identify their Digital Maturity – changing the way they organize, operate, and behave.

Deloitte Canada has a strategic partnership with Thrive, a Career Wellness Platform providing digital job search management, outplacement and career transition services.

 Thrive offers a single hub and spoke digital platform with offerings for job seekers (clients), employment service providers and their job coaches, regional employers and regional employment and life stabilization services providers. It’s digital tools are intuitively self-service for all four categories of stakeholders, and provide a bespoke, seamless experience for users.