Meet the host of the 30th European Social Services Conference Hamburg – plenty to share!

Anja Gargulla, Deputy Head of Unit, Labour Market Policy,  Ministry of Labour, Health, Social and Family Affairs and Integration , Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

The northern German metropolis has waited for two years to finally host the European Social Services Conference. As in many places in Europe, this period was marked by immense challenges caused by Covid-19. The pandemic cast a spotlight on social and welfare challenges, many of which existed before but have since become more evident. Furthermore, in 2022, the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian crisis have posed further challenges of coordination, management, funding and, in the long-term, integration.

Hamburg is ready to rise to the challenge and has set itself the goal to become a city of opportunities for all ensuring social equality and social protection. From this experience Hamburg has plenty to share and is looking forward to an exchange with its European guests on their experiences and good practices.

Meet colleagues from Hamburg at the conference and discuss in workshops such as:

– Hamburg solutions for integration support for people with disabilities

– the importance of volunteering and how the state promotes, coordinates, and cooperates with civil society

– software solutions to improve the work of social workers in youth and family welfare offices.

You are also invited to visit the so-called ‘Health Kiosk’ – a good practice example strengthening social inclusion with a specific focus on healthcare situated in the east of Hamburg, which is particularly affected by social inequality, demographic change and shortage in the provision of health care. Welcome to Hamburg! See you in June.