Greg McKay is Microsoft’s Worldwide Director of Public Health and Social Services, developing strategies for governments to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable people.

Greg brings a unique perspective to leadership and has committed his life and career to protecting and healing vulnerable people, while making success a reality for those committed to serving them. Greg witnessed, firsthand, the dreadful outcomes caused, in part, by unaddressed challenges experienced by vulnerable people. Moreover, he saw the tireless dedication of professionals trying to serve them in a meaningful way, within systems that lack capacity and innovation to aid in their success.

Previously, Greg was appointed Director of Arizona’s Department of Child Safety (ADCS) by Governor Douglas A. Ducey. Under Greg’s leadership, the child welfare agency recovered from its position as worst ranked among 50 states to first ranked in most notable categories. Remarkably, he did so with a leaner workforce and saved or cost avoided $98 million of federal and state dollars during his five-year tenure. Greg was the first director in America to successfully transform a legacy case management system on mainframe to a Cloud based, CRM system. ADCS has nearly 3000 employees and a $1 billion budget.

Prior to serving as a cabinet agency head, Greg was requisitioned by former Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer to “startup” the first criminal investigative component within the state’s child welfare system. This was enacted through a special legislative session in response to a series of high-profile deaths of children with prior system involvement. Greg grew this operation from being the sole employee with a $1.7 million budget, to leading over 100 staff with a $10 million budget. The state saw a drastic reduction in child fatalities as a result of this implementation.

For Greg’s twenty years prior to state government leadership, he served the Phoenix Police Department (America’s fifth largest city) with assignments ranging from interdicting criminal street gangs, to investigating crimes against children, to undercover fugitive apprehension, to homicide investigations. Greg investigated and prosecuted the series of child murders that led to Arizona’s reform efforts in child welfare.

Greg and his wife, Wendi, married in 1998 and have four children: Grace, Allyson, Justin, and Rachel. They were also Arizona foster parents.