Kevin Goldberg is the Executive Director of the “International Action’ branch of GROUPE SOS. GROUPE SOS is a social enterprise created as a non-profit over thirty years ago to combat social exclusion in all its forms. Since then, it has gradually diversified its activities, and now responds to societal needs in eight sectors of activity: Youth, Employment, Solidarity, Health, Senior citizens, Culture, Ecological Transition and International Action.
Before taking the head of the newly created “International Action” branch in 2017, Kevin served as GROUPE SOS European and national Partnerships Manager. As part of his functions, he worked on the set-up of social and societal projects gathering actors from the public, private and non-profit sectors, with the aim to maximise their impact and generate responsible innovation. Prior to joining Groupe SOS, Kevin has been working as an adviser for the national association of French town mayors in the fields of European policies, sustainable development and new technologies. He also worked at the European parliament and in public affairs consultancies. Kevin is a graduate from the College of Europe and Sciences Po Grenoble.